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Highfield Qualifications

Food Safety

Food Safety Level 1 Award – ensures that employees from all food sectors are equipped with a knowledge of basic food hygiene to enable them to produce safe food.

Food Safety Level 2 Award – ensures that a food handler is aware of the hazards and controls associated with the types of food they produce.

Food Safety Level 3 Award – ensures that supervisors are aware of the legislation applicable to food safety and how to communicate the required standards to employees.

Food Safety Level 4 Award – ensures that managers are aware of the procedures and standards required to ensure safe food is served at all times and that due diligence is taken.


Highfield Level 2 Award in HACCP for Catering
Highfield Level 2 Award in HACCP In Food Manufacturing
Highfield Level 3 Award in HACCP For Caterers
Highfield Level 3 Award in HACCP Food Manufacturing

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